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How can I change my user name or password?

1. Click any Contact Us link. Scroll to bottom of page and click the “Continue to Contact Us form” link
2. Tell us what changes to make to your log in.
3. For verification purposes, tell us your email address or last 4 digits of the card used to join the site.
m8bet online casino games4. Click send. Your information is secure and encrypted. We will update our database & send confirmation.

Final Step

Send an email to from the address you used to join the site and tell us you requested a login up date.

Does my membership to ISR automatically renew?

No.  ISR memberships are for 1 year from the date you join the site.  At the end of the year your login will expire and you will be redirected to the renewal page.  

I have suddenly stopped receiving the International m8bet Mobile appSchools Review Newsletter.

All Email Users: If you have suddenly stopped receiving Your ISR Newsletter.
Please add to your contacts.

Gmail Only: please note that Gmail has changed their mail delivery policy and your newsletter may now be under the new Promotional Tab. If you have tabs turned off, please scroll down the left column of Gmail & Click More, then Categories then Promotions.

How much does it cost to join ISR?

ISR has many free features such as our Open Forum m8bet sports betting& Discussion Boards. There is. however,  a cost to access the school review section of the website. The cost to join ISR for a full year with unlimited access to over 12,000 reviews of international schools is $29. We haven’t raised the price in over 10-years. This money pays for website hosting & management, office space, staffing, support staff & legal advice. 

How can I change my email address?

Please write to us from the email address you used to join the web site. Write to us at m8bet mobile login Make the subject of the email “change email address“. Tell us your new email address. We’ll update our records and send confirmation. If you no longer have the email address used to join the site, send the last four digits of the credit card used to join the site along with your request.

I’m an ISR Member, why doesn’t my log in work at the forums?

In the welcome letter we sent when you joined the site we explain the forums require a separate m8bet Mobile appregistration procedure. We set it up this way because forums display a user name next to each post and many site members prefer that their members’ area user name not be displayed on a forum. You’ll find a “register” link at each forum. More…

Is the number  “1” or “10” the highest score on the Review rubric? Why is a director’s name displayed with some reviews –  did he/she write the review?

Please see the following for an explanation. Guide to Reading Reviews

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